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AMANDO TRANSLATIONS specializes in language services for corporate clients in the areas of engineering and technology, medicine, law, economics, marketing and computer science. We offer translations in over 100 languages as well as fast and reliable processing. Our team consists of experienced translators who are native speakers and who each have dual expert qualifications.


 Our services include: 

•   High-quality translations in the specialized areas of engineering and technology, medicine, law, economics, marketing and computer science. 

•   Patent translation (claims, descriptions, applications, litigations)

•   Editing/Proofreading 

•   Translation certification 

•   Website localization 

•   Liaison interpreting for business meetings and trade-fairs 

Professional expertise

Our translators are trained linguists and also have a degree in their area of expertise. This means that contracts are exclusively translated by lawyers, instruction manuals by engineers and patient information leaflets by doctors.

All our team’s specialized translators are personally selected and have years of experience in the field.

Quality standards

The texts are exclusively translated into the translator’s mother tongue.
Translations are checked according to the Six Eyes Principle. Our translations are not only proofread by a second expert but they are also checked once again by the respective translator. This way we guarantee the highest quality, which we continue to improve through further training.

Our processes comply with the DIN EN ISO 17100 Quality Standard, the international standard for translation service providers.

Graphic design

Through our partner agency Dégagée, we are able to offer you multi-lingual websites, creative logos and high-quality print designs. This way you get everything from one source. Our partner Dégagée is capable of creating multi-lingual, intuitive-to-use websites with added functional value. Dégagée offers websites in different price categories and is happy to take on care and maintenance of these when requested. Denise and Florian Malecki have been running their design agency since 2007 and have already completed a large number of projects in such areas as medicine, healthcare and culture.


We translate texts for you from and into all commonly used languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.
 We currently offer translations in about 100 languages - ask us for a quote!


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